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Monday, March 1, 2010

What The French, Toast?

Is it just me or is everybody else sick of the cold weather around here? We get one half way decent weekend then snow again! Granted its not real snow but still its too much for me. Don't get me wrong, in July I'm sure I'll post how I'm sick of it being 100 degrees with 100% humidity and be begging for winter. But as of right now I'm sick and tired of winter!! Ugh! We have been below average temperature wise, all winter and I'm done. I want to plant flowers in my hanging baskets and put them on my porch. Maybe put out a few around the bushes so it looks a little more "alive". Not to mention the fact that it will help with curb appeal for suspecting buyers. Which by the way, our viewing on Saturday went good I guess. The showing agent said our house was very nice, very clean and showed very well. However, she didn't say anything about her clients wanting to by it. Oh well, at least we haven't gotten any negative comments. Anyhoo, back to my rant about winter. I'm just sick of it so I'll leave you with these little photos to make you want warm weather as much as me.



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