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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Carter Update

I thought I needed to post an update on the cutest nephew in the world. It has been a while since I posted anything on him. He is getting so big! He is 7 months old now and weighs around 16 lbs, give or take. He hasn't started crawling yet but loves to sit in the floor with all his toys. He really does a great job at sitting up on his own and catching himself now if he starts to fall over. For a while there we thought he was getting a few teeth but they all seem to have disappeared. Chelsea said the doctor said that was normal. I had no idea they did that! It really sucks too because he is fussy because he has teeth coming through then they go away. It's almost not fair to all parties involved. We are all working on "bye-bye" with him. Sometimes he gets it sometimes he doesn't. My dad has started teaching him to give high-fives. He thinks its hilarious. Again, sometimes he gets it sometimes he doesn't. He really recognizes people now. When my dad comes home he grins from ear to ear. He cries when Chelsea or my dad leave the room. He also looks around for you if he can hear you talking but not see you. Its the cutest thing. Chelsea says he really wants to stand up. I bought him a Leap Frog table thing and he loves to stand at it, with assistance of course, and play. Anything that has orange or any other bright color he loves and of course tries to put it in his mouth. Its really amazing how much he can get into when you aren't paying 100% attention to him. Right now he is in 6-9 month clothes which is normal I guess. He is on stage 2 food and hates anything that is green. I don't blame him. We all take turns in during the week coming home early to watch him so Chelsea can go to school. I watch him on Wednesdays. I'm so glad I can get off early to come watch him. I love Wednesdays! Here are a few recent photos:

This one was before Christmas
(courtesy of Lens Envy Photography)

Pretty soon I'll get to put pictures up of my own kid! Ha! Until then I'll just have to brag on Carter. Isn't he too cute?!?