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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eye of the Tiger

I had an eye doctor appointment yesterday after work to check my bionic (left) eye. I have been having a few vision issues so I thought I needed to have it checked out in case it's something bad. Well, apparently, my retina is elevated in the center. I like to refer to it as bubbling even though its only one bubble. It sounds cooler and makes people go ewww. With my track record of eye issues I am going to see a specialist (again, for the 1 millionth time) on Friday morning. I hope he can tell me why it has a bubble in it and if it can be fixed. I just hope its not as bad as last time. Of course last time my retina was actually torn. So I guess at least a bubble is a little better then a tear. Right? Yeah I have no clue. Let's just all pray it can be fixed some other way besides surgery. I am not sure how surgery could be good when you are preggers. I'll have an update tomorrow once the dilation wears off and I can actually see to type. :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A lot to blog about!!

I know it has been forever since Ive posted anything. Sorry!! Most of you know, but there is A LOT to blog about these days. Not sure if I should make this one big recap or do a few separate ones. We will see where the keyboard takes me.

First, Christmas was great as always. I got a lot of maternity clothes which I needed desperately. I got Zac a new cell phone because he needed one and wanted this certain one. I was super excited to get it for him. I know he was really surprised. It was really a lot of fun to have Carter even though he was kinda ill all day. I am so looking forward to next year already! But let's have summer first! I'm freakin freezing! All in all I think everybody had a successful Christmas this year.

Second, on the 28th we got to find out what grape is. Obviously, you all know she is a girl, just like I said she would be! HA! It was super exciting! Our appt was at 10 or 10:30. Can't remember exactly. (Already got that mom/goldfish memory thing.) I was so anxious the night before I guess b/c we were leaving to go to Gatlinburg right after that so there was a lot going on. Before I went to bed that night I took a Tylenol PM. Now, before you all wig-out on me, my doc said Tylenol PM was fine. I just knew I wouldn't get any sleep if I didn't and I would feel like crap all day. As I was getting up that morning this was my thought, Oh My Gosh! What Have I done?!? I have drugged my child and now she isn't going to move around at all! She is going to be asleep!! Now we aren't going to be able to find out!! I almost hit nervous breakdown mode. Then I remembered I had a Sunkist in the fridge. Yes!! It was just one of those little half-cans. I think they are like 8 oz or something. I only drank half of it on the way down there b/c it was so carbonated it made me nauseous. I had intended on drinking the whole thing though. I'm glad I didn't. My mom and dad met us there and we basically went straight back. She moved around so much the whole time!! The nurse even asked if I had some caffine before. Then I felt bad again. Crap! First I drugged her up now she's all jacked up on Sunkist! Guess that is the life of a parent though. It was really a lot of fun. I am so glad my parents came and got to be there for it. I think they were glad too. We kinda knew it was a girl already so it wasn't a shock. I think everybody is excited about it. I know I am!! Yea girl stuff!! As of right now her name will be Reagan Lynn Spanick. We just like Reagan and Lynn is after my daddy and my sister Rachael. I wanted it to be some what meaningful. Here are a few pictures of her at 16 weeks. I go back on January 25th for another ultrasound to measure her organs and stuff. And to make sure they were right at 16 weeks!

I'll get to our trip to Gatlinburg later.