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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Boy or Girl?

I need your opinion guys! This is the bedding I picked out for Reagan. I really love it! I wanted to do something fun that gave me more options than just pink. Don't get my wrong, I like pink but it can be way over done.

I was at my parents last night trying to find a paint color for our new master bedroom when Rachael (sister) asked me what I was going to paint Reagan's room. I told her I would probably do green and she freaked out. So did Chelsea (other sister). They both said green was a boy color and I could not paint a little girl's room green. It must be pink. I said "oh no! I'm not painting her room pink!"

Pink can just be too much as a wall color. If you get it too dark then its over powering. If you get it too light then it looks like Pepto or something. I am just not a fan of all over pink paint. I think green is gender neutral.

What do you think? Is green a boy color, a girl color, or neutral?

Friday, March 19, 2010

This is a Must Share Post!!

Before you read this, don't judge! I am very good with my money and don't get myself in any trouble about it. Just so you know.

Anyway, you all know that I am not much into coupon clipping or anything. I try but I fall flat sometimes. I leave that to Tabitha and Lisa. They both do a much better job than me. I am just your normal "Hey this is on sale" girl if I need it. Well today, I got one of the best discounts I think I have ever gotten in my entire life!

As you know as well I have had A LOT of doctor visits already this year. My insurance is pretty good once my deductible is paid but I am still getting bills for the surgeries. One bill in particular was several hundred dollars. I have waited to pay it just for the sheer fact that I just didn't want to write that amount of money on a check. Its really hard! I thought maybe they would re-file it and my insurance would pay some more. That has happened to me several times. I figured once they send the 2nd notice I will pay it. (I know that is terrible but they never charge a late fee on something like that and it won't count against any credit stuff) Well, they called today and left a message on our voice mail at home. So, I thought no turning back now. It must be paid now that they've called. Zac gave me the number and I called. When the girl answered I gave her all my information and she said I had an outstanding balance. I told her yes I knew that and I had lost the first bill they sent (hehe) but if she could just send me another one I'll be more than happy to pay it. She said "Ok how were you going to pay?" I told her I would just write a check and mail it in. Then she proceeds to tell me "Well, Mrs. Spanick if you are able to pay your bill over the phone with me today (in full) I am authorized to give you 20% your entire balance"


Excuse me what? I'm thinking "So you mean to tell me if I pay it now you will take of 20%?!?" Really?? Ok your serious? What is this like buying a car in cash?!? 20% off of several hundred dollars is a good "chunk-o-change".

That's right people 20% off a medical bill!!! Of course I told her yes and paid it. And I got my 20% off! I'm not sure if any of you have come across that but I was shocked. I would never in a million years think a hospital would do that. I know they will let you make payments on a bill but I've never heard of a discount. I can only guess that the hospitals are just as desperate as everybody else these days to get paid. So moral of the story, hold on to those medical bills for a while. You never know what kind of deal you can get.

This Week Wasn't Any Better

It appears that this week wasn't any better for me. Well, maybe it was just yesterday. Yesterday was the worst. Monday went ok then Tuesday the people from the nursing home where Zac's grandmother, Bob, lives called. (Side note: We call her Bob. Yeah its strange but apparently neither Zac or Christina could call her what she wanted to be called so they just stuck with Bob.) Well, the nursing home people said they found her that morning unresponsive. It was almost like she was in a coma. She has had Parkinson's for years now and the doctors say she was in her last phase of the disease. So, all the family comes in to say their good byes. By the time I got there she had kind of snapped out it and was talking and responding to questions. To make a long story short, she hung on until Thursday night. She is in a much better place now and isn't suffering like she was here with us.

Wednesday was ok too but then here comes Thursday.
  • I had a doctor appointment at 8:30 that morning. Of course, I was running a little late. As I was driving through Moody at my normal pace, I got a ticket. Great. Did I mention I was running late already? So, now I've got to wait on this nice officer to write me a ticket so I can be even later. Great. Great start to my day. I was so upset about the ticket I cried all the way to the hospital. I was literally still wiping tears as I was getting out of the car in the parking deck. I managed at one point to pull it together to call my Daddy, sort of. He said he would call the police chief and see if there was anything he could do. Now, don't get me wrong, I was not trying to get out of the ticket all together. I was raised to admit when you screwed up and face the consequences. Which is what I was doing. I really just wanted him to find out how much it was going to be. And just for the record I most certainly do not call my daddy to bail me out of things. I do call and talk to him if I had a bad day but I don't expect him to rescue me for something I did wrong. And I will admit I am spoiled but not to that degree. So anyway, I called the police chief and he said he would see what he could work out with the judge. I still have to go to court on April 8th but hopefully they will just let me go to driving school. I'll keep you posted on that.
  • Thankfully my Dr. visit went fine, sort of. I gained 5 lbs since the last time I was there. That is in a 3 week span. She said it wasn't too bad because for total weight I am still under. Thank you Jesus! My stomach is measuring 29 cm. She said that was a little big but as long as it wasn't more than 3 cm off of whatever week I am it is ok. Yesterday I was 27 1/2 weeks.
  • As I am leaving the doctor the real estate company calls and wants to show our house TODAY (thursday) at 2. Good right? Wrong!! Our house was not in showing condition. It had been 2 weeks since we had anybody come look at it so we had let a few things go. Also, Zac had just gotten home from work at 6:30 am. They called at 9:30 am. Which means he got a total of 3 hours of sleep. I was supposed to go work but I had to call and tell them I wouldn't be in until later. So, now that is 2 days this week that I have only worked half a day. Which is fine except for yesterday b/c another girl was on vacation and that only left 2 people in the office total if I wasn't there. I felt terrible about it but I really had no choice.
  • When I finally get to work it is crazy. Then Zac calls later and says that Bob has gotten even worse. Which we all knew she wasn't going to get any better but still it just made this horrible Thursday even worse. Later that night he called again and said she had finally passed. This was the worst Thursday on record for me. I hope I don't have anymore like them.
But, today isn't over yet. Hopefully it will go a little smoother than yesterday. Needless to say I've got a lot of stress right now. I hope it will go away soon b/c I don't want it to effect Reagan any. I've heard you can go into pre-term labor b/c of stress so let's pray that doesn't happen.

On a happier note: my first shower is a week away, almost! Yea! I'm so excited!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Excuse me, what?

This is totally random but its just a thought I had. Why is it when a company says "This is the new and improved version of (insert item here)" "We have revamped this line to fit into today's market" it really isn't. You can change the size of something, discontinue a color, and add a new color but you still leave the hunter green and navy blue colors in the line? I'm so confused. Who in their right mind, in today's market, would put hunter green or navy blue tile in their house? I mean, you can't tell me those colors are your best sellers. Maybe in the 80's or early 90s. Heck, I'll even give you mid 90s but now. No ma'am. And if you are even thinking about it, you should contact me first. Or at least turn on HGTV.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Carter Update

I thought I needed to post an update on the cutest nephew in the world. It has been a while since I posted anything on him. He is getting so big! He is 7 months old now and weighs around 16 lbs, give or take. He hasn't started crawling yet but loves to sit in the floor with all his toys. He really does a great job at sitting up on his own and catching himself now if he starts to fall over. For a while there we thought he was getting a few teeth but they all seem to have disappeared. Chelsea said the doctor said that was normal. I had no idea they did that! It really sucks too because he is fussy because he has teeth coming through then they go away. It's almost not fair to all parties involved. We are all working on "bye-bye" with him. Sometimes he gets it sometimes he doesn't. My dad has started teaching him to give high-fives. He thinks its hilarious. Again, sometimes he gets it sometimes he doesn't. He really recognizes people now. When my dad comes home he grins from ear to ear. He cries when Chelsea or my dad leave the room. He also looks around for you if he can hear you talking but not see you. Its the cutest thing. Chelsea says he really wants to stand up. I bought him a Leap Frog table thing and he loves to stand at it, with assistance of course, and play. Anything that has orange or any other bright color he loves and of course tries to put it in his mouth. Its really amazing how much he can get into when you aren't paying 100% attention to him. Right now he is in 6-9 month clothes which is normal I guess. He is on stage 2 food and hates anything that is green. I don't blame him. We all take turns in during the week coming home early to watch him so Chelsea can go to school. I watch him on Wednesdays. I'm so glad I can get off early to come watch him. I love Wednesdays! Here are a few recent photos:

This one was before Christmas
(courtesy of Lens Envy Photography)

Pretty soon I'll get to put pictures up of my own kid! Ha! Until then I'll just have to brag on Carter. Isn't he too cute?!?

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Week in Review

This has been the craziest week for me! Here is a little recap:

Monday I had to go to the doctor b/c I felt like I had the flu. I was seriously sick and felt awful. I felt bad ALL weekend. I just knew it was bad. When I got there they told me it was an Upper Respiratory Viral Infection. Great. Viral. Viral= there is nothing we can do for you. Good Luck! She told me to take Clairtin and Robitussin DM. Of course being preggo you can't take anything good anyway. To my surprise it helped some. I am still coughing today though. (Two other people I work with had it at the same time I did too)

Wednesday it rained so much that it completely knocked out all of our phones and internet at work. (I think all of Shelby County was under water on Wed.) When you have a "paperless" system you can't do anything when you dont have phones or internet. So we all got to sit around ALL afternoon and get nothing accomplished. May sound nice to some of you but when you really have things to do its frustrating. Then I got to go see Carter so that ended the day very well.

Thursday I had to go see some clients in Huntsville. I got to work early so I could get the things done I needed to do on Wednesday before I had to make the trip north. Got to work, STILL no phones and no internet. So, go to Huntsville. Rains on me the whole time. I thought for sure when I got back I could finally get stuff done. Nope got back around 1:30 and STILL nothing. So, once again we sit around and get nothing done. At least I do have good company. We all seem to have a pretty good time together. At 3:00 pm they finally get it all fixed. At 3:00 pm I had a client come in and I was with them for an hour and a half. Nice. Once again, nothing done that I needed to do on Wed. On my way home.... I get rear-ended. This lady hit me so hard that I thought I had carpet burn on my face from where I hit the visor. All of the change flew out of my little change drawer, and my sunroof opened. I thought for sure she had completely smashed in the backside of my car. We just had new brakes put on this weekend too. But of course, just my luck, nothing. Maybe a scratch from her tag. And my car ladies and gentlemen is a Toyota Camry! That bumper just bounced right back. It really is amazing. I have had so many people hit me and all it does is scratch. It needs a good paint job but still. Luckily I had a chiropractor appointment at 5:45. He checked me out and said I was fine. I was not hurt and neither was the other lady so all in all not too bad just a little scary.

Today I had a check up appointment with the retina surgeon from my surgery last week. He double checked everything since I had the wreck and hit my head pretty hard. He said everything looked fine and after Reagan is born he will go back in and take out the silicone oil so I can see better. Yea. Another surgery. But if it helps me see better I'll do it.

Not too exciting but that is how it went. Hope you didn't fall asleep reading. Maybe I'll have something more excitable next time.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well I didn't have a speech prepared.....

Look I won a Blogger Award!!

My good friend Lisa gave me this Blogger award yesterday and I am SUPER stoked about it!! Its so nice to be given anything really. I know my blog isn't super special but it means a lot to me. Thanks Lisa! Check out her hilarious blog here. Of course, there is a catch but its fun too.

Here are the rules:
  • You must thank the person who gave you the award.
  • Pass this award along to 13 bloggers you've recently discovered and whom you think are fantastic!
  • Contact the bloggers you pick to let them know they've won.
  • State 7 things about yourself.

Here are the blogs I love and I think should win an award too (I'm going to have to duplicate some of Lisa's):
  1. Lens Envy Photography - My friend Erin's photography business blog. She does an amazing job!
  2. Days of Davenport - My friend Sarah's blog about her family and precious Nicholas.
  3. Hassell House - My co-worker/friend Laura's (La) blog about her precious family.
  4. Mrs. Mcfee - Another co-worker/friend Laura (McLeggin) and her blog. Its so wonderful it might make you sick. Hehe!
  5. Laticrete Conversations - This is my friend Henry's blog at Laticrete International. He is one our vendors at work. He is like a super blogger. Sometimes he has posts at 2:30 am!
  6. Erin - my friend Erin's other personal blog.
  7. Saving Towards a Better Life - My friend Tabitha's coupon/savings blog. She does an excellent job!
  8. Tile Freaks - This is another vendor of ours at work, Oceanside Glass. They freaking rock! They even have their own band! But they don't post enough at all. Maybe they will now.
  9. Learning as I go - My friend Malisa's blog. Her blog is SO funny!!
  10. Tales From a Not So Desperate Housewife - This is Lisa's blog. She definitely deserves 2!
  11. Yankee Man and a Country Girl - This is my friend Lauren's blog about her journey with her wonderful Yankee husband.
  12. Digital Stress - My friend Camron's blog about tech stuff. Sometimes its over my head but I like it anyway.
  13. Our Family - My friend Amanda's blog about her beautiful little boy Will.

7 Things about me:
  1. I am pregnant with my first child. My due date is June 12 and her name will be Reagan.
  2. I have the cutest nephew in the whole world, Carter.
  3. I love to make people laugh and love it when people make me laugh.
  4. My favorite season is fall.
  5. I have a full set of (3) Labrador retrievers. Yellow, Chocolate and Black.
  6. I love to quote movies, songs and funny commercials.
  7. My family and friends are the most important thing to me in the world, hands down.

Monday, March 1, 2010

What The French, Toast?

Is it just me or is everybody else sick of the cold weather around here? We get one half way decent weekend then snow again! Granted its not real snow but still its too much for me. Don't get me wrong, in July I'm sure I'll post how I'm sick of it being 100 degrees with 100% humidity and be begging for winter. But as of right now I'm sick and tired of winter!! Ugh! We have been below average temperature wise, all winter and I'm done. I want to plant flowers in my hanging baskets and put them on my porch. Maybe put out a few around the bushes so it looks a little more "alive". Not to mention the fact that it will help with curb appeal for suspecting buyers. Which by the way, our viewing on Saturday went good I guess. The showing agent said our house was very nice, very clean and showed very well. However, she didn't say anything about her clients wanting to by it. Oh well, at least we haven't gotten any negative comments. Anyhoo, back to my rant about winter. I'm just sick of it so I'll leave you with these little photos to make you want warm weather as much as me.