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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Week in Review

This has been the craziest week for me! Here is a little recap:

Monday I had to go to the doctor b/c I felt like I had the flu. I was seriously sick and felt awful. I felt bad ALL weekend. I just knew it was bad. When I got there they told me it was an Upper Respiratory Viral Infection. Great. Viral. Viral= there is nothing we can do for you. Good Luck! She told me to take Clairtin and Robitussin DM. Of course being preggo you can't take anything good anyway. To my surprise it helped some. I am still coughing today though. (Two other people I work with had it at the same time I did too)

Wednesday it rained so much that it completely knocked out all of our phones and internet at work. (I think all of Shelby County was under water on Wed.) When you have a "paperless" system you can't do anything when you dont have phones or internet. So we all got to sit around ALL afternoon and get nothing accomplished. May sound nice to some of you but when you really have things to do its frustrating. Then I got to go see Carter so that ended the day very well.

Thursday I had to go see some clients in Huntsville. I got to work early so I could get the things done I needed to do on Wednesday before I had to make the trip north. Got to work, STILL no phones and no internet. So, go to Huntsville. Rains on me the whole time. I thought for sure when I got back I could finally get stuff done. Nope got back around 1:30 and STILL nothing. So, once again we sit around and get nothing done. At least I do have good company. We all seem to have a pretty good time together. At 3:00 pm they finally get it all fixed. At 3:00 pm I had a client come in and I was with them for an hour and a half. Nice. Once again, nothing done that I needed to do on Wed. On my way home.... I get rear-ended. This lady hit me so hard that I thought I had carpet burn on my face from where I hit the visor. All of the change flew out of my little change drawer, and my sunroof opened. I thought for sure she had completely smashed in the backside of my car. We just had new brakes put on this weekend too. But of course, just my luck, nothing. Maybe a scratch from her tag. And my car ladies and gentlemen is a Toyota Camry! That bumper just bounced right back. It really is amazing. I have had so many people hit me and all it does is scratch. It needs a good paint job but still. Luckily I had a chiropractor appointment at 5:45. He checked me out and said I was fine. I was not hurt and neither was the other lady so all in all not too bad just a little scary.

Today I had a check up appointment with the retina surgeon from my surgery last week. He double checked everything since I had the wreck and hit my head pretty hard. He said everything looked fine and after Reagan is born he will go back in and take out the silicone oil so I can see better. Yea. Another surgery. But if it helps me see better I'll do it.

Not too exciting but that is how it went. Hope you didn't fall asleep reading. Maybe I'll have something more excitable next time.

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