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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Boy or Girl?

I need your opinion guys! This is the bedding I picked out for Reagan. I really love it! I wanted to do something fun that gave me more options than just pink. Don't get my wrong, I like pink but it can be way over done.

I was at my parents last night trying to find a paint color for our new master bedroom when Rachael (sister) asked me what I was going to paint Reagan's room. I told her I would probably do green and she freaked out. So did Chelsea (other sister). They both said green was a boy color and I could not paint a little girl's room green. It must be pink. I said "oh no! I'm not painting her room pink!"

Pink can just be too much as a wall color. If you get it too dark then its over powering. If you get it too light then it looks like Pepto or something. I am just not a fan of all over pink paint. I think green is gender neutral.

What do you think? Is green a boy color, a girl color, or neutral?


Natalie said...

green is totally neutral, Alicia! My baby nursery was yellow, which can also be neutral (but sometimes a bit much :))

Erin Hollis/Lens Envy Photography said...

Go with the green!!!! Green is gender neutral. My nieces room was lime green with pink flowers everywhere. That is totally acceptable.

Alicia said...

Ok good! I figured most would say green is neutral. I just wanted to make myself feel better about it! Ha!

Days of Davenport said...

I think green would be super cute! Green is definitely neutral.

Alicia said...

I think green is it! I've already got a great color picked out! Thanks guys!!

Amanda said...

I love green...if Will had been a girl I was going to paint it green!

I love green for girls, it is just too precious!

Tabitha said...

I think a light sage green is perfect for little girls! My sis in law has crib bedding and rocking chair upholstered in a fabric that has small dark pink flowers with sage green leaves and ivy on it. She's used it for all FOUR of her girls and at least two of the nurseries were painted in the sage green.

I'm with Amanda, if Gavin had been a girl it was going to be a tossup between pink and brown and pink and green for his room.

Tabitha said...
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