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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Little Sappy Today

There are a lot of things I need to blog about but they need pictures to accompany them. Since I don't have my camera with me they will have to wait a bit. This post I felt like I couldn't wait on. Number one because it doesn't need pictures and number 2 because if I don't do it now I'll forget and it will have lost all its appeal to me. Sad, I know.

This may get a little sappy so you'll have to excuse me for a moment. I don't normally do this but I just need to talk about it.

So yesterday, I had one of those "Ok wow! She is really in there" moments. I mean, I know she is in there but I felt like I got to see her for the first time yesterday. Well not actually see her, hopefully that will be today when we go to have the 4D-Ultrasound. That will be the next post. But yesterday I had on the black and white patterned dress that tied in the back so it was a little fitted on my belly. Well, she moved around in there ALL day. Not that its unusual but I actually felt like I saw feet and elbows. I posted before about the first time I saw my stomach actually move from the outside but this was different. Other people can see it now too. At one point there were 2 extremities stretching out both sides of my stomach. It was so weird. It got to the point where I just laughed at her. I couldn't help myself for some reason. I just smiled and laughed at whatever she was doing in there. I found myself just sitting at my desk watching my stomach move. I was literally in awe watching her. That is my baby in there. (Well, Zac's too.) A whole little person moving and thinking and growing. Hopefully, with her little blue eyes opening and closing and looking around. It just brings tears to my eyes. I am starting to get impatient about seeing her for real now. I just can't wait to hold her!

I can't wait to see her today at the ultrasound! I hope she cooperates and lets us see her face. I also hope that I can keep it together. I really don't like crying in front of other people so I'll try real hard not too. Maybe I can get it all out this morning. I think I'll eat something before I go. She seems to respond to food. Not sure why I'm surprised by that!

On another happy note, Easter is this Sunday! I just love Easter! First, because I am truly reminded what our savior did for us. He gave His life for me and this little wiggle worn inside my belly. Through His sacrifice we will have one of the most wonderful gifts in life. This week reminds me also that I am truly blessed. I am not lucky, everything I have has been given by God. It is a true blessing. I also love Easter because it is the first official holiday of WARM WEATHER! Yea for warm weather!! Memorial Day is the first official holiday of summer and Easter is the first official holiday of Spring. I can't wait until I can buy Reagan a dress for Easter.

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