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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daddy and Weekend Update


Well my daddy finally gets to come home today!! Yea!! After a billion test they have determined that he has an infection in his liver. Not sure why it took so long but whatever, I didn't go to medical school. The liver doc said his body is fighting it on its own so they aren't giving him any medication for it. My mom just has to keep a watch on his fever and if anything happens they have to go back. Other than that, he has to go back in next month for a follow up with the liver doc and that is all. I am so glad he is coming home! He told me today he feels a lot better and has gained about 4 lbs back. I was glad to here that. Hopefully, he can gain some strength back soon so he can help us move! Ha! Just kidding! He needs to rest some first but of course he said he was going back to work tomorrow. He just can't sit still when he feels good! Daddy I am so glad you are better and are coming home! We have all missed you being there!!


This weekend was a busy one for us. Thankfully Zac just had a few things to do for work Saturday morning and we got our main goal accomplished. I got to pamper myself a little on Saturday while he was working. I got a free Mystic Tan, a manicure and did a little shopping. After Zac got home we went to eat and did a little more shopping until it was time to get ready for our Couple's Shower that night. The shower was so much fun! We were glad to see everybody that could make it. These days time with friends seems few and far between. Amazing how that happens. We got some great stuff and appreciate it all! I'll try to post some pics on that stuff a little later. Thank you so much to everybody that helped plan the shower! Zac and I are truly blessed to have such great friends like you. You guys did a great job!

Before the shower we met Erin and did a little photo shoot. Check out some of the pics here. She did a great job! I love the way they turned out! Thanks so much Erin!!

Our main goal this weekend was to find flooring for our new house. We have to match what is down already and of course its been discontinued. So we did some searching and found one that is really close. Its going down in the bedrooms so I don't think you will notice it at all. The designer in me just knew we weren't going to find anything that would work good enough but surprisingly we did. I hate trying to match stuff! It is so frustrating but I really think what we found will work fine. Especially if we have rugs down in the bedrooms.

Oh and we finally sold our house too!! Yea!! Now we will only have 1 mortgage payment! We close on it on April 30th and our new house this Thursday. Did I mention we have to be moved out of our house by 5pm on May 2nd? Uh yea. So lots and lots of packing to do quick. After all this I need a vacation. Right! I'll just get a baby instead. Ha!

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Tabitha said...

Glad to hear your dad is doing well!

And, honestly, I think being awake while they do the eye surgery would freak me out less than being put to sleep! Just numb my eye and sedate me and I'll be fine!