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Monday, August 31, 2009

Why are vacations not long enough?

We decided to take a little vacation to Joe Wheeler State park this past weekend with our good friends Michael and Janna Perry. With us trying to build a house (and the Perry's trying to buy a house) this is the only vacation we are going to get this year. We had a wonderful time! The cottage we stayed is was SUPER nice! Totally not what I had expected. Janna's brother, Daniel and his wife Ashley, came up on Sat and spent the day with us. They live in Florence so it was a shorter drive for them. We rented a pontoon boat for the day to take out on Wheeler Lake. The lake was wonderful except for the times we felt like we should be taping an episode of Deadliest Catch. We were not expecting a big boat to come by and the wake to flood our boat. Literally, the waves came over the front of the boat. It was funny after but I think it scared us all to death. We all got a little sun burnt. Well, I ALWAYS get sun burnt! But hey, at least its some color other than WHITE! Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus.....Enough already!!!

*Please beware if you like Jon and Kate + 8 you don't want to read this*

Ok, if I have to hear ANY MORE about Jon and freakin Kate Gosselin and all their freakin kids I am going to scream!! I used to like them. I really did. And I watched the show but now they are out of control. So, NOW Jon says he wants to stop taping the show. Not to save his marriage or keep his kids from hearing all the things the media is saying about their parents but because its just too much. Oh boo! Poor little thing can't handle it. I'll admit that people have been all over them but why couldn't they just say, you know we are done with the show and we need to work on our family and just go away. But NOOOO they didn't do did they, so they get what they deserve if you ask me. They have gotten used to the cushy lifestyle and that seems to be more important to them than keeping their family together. I have been done with them for a while but when I read that story earlier I thought..."Really?!?! Now you want to quit because its hard on YOU?!?! Really?" What about your "wife" and EIGHT children? Huh? You think of them Jon and Kate? Obviously not. So now I am officially DONE! Shut your trap and go on! Nobody wants to hear you whine any more. Thank you.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Had a great time at Ellie's Bachelorette party last Saturday night. It was so good to see everybody and get to hang out finally. It has been too long ladies, too long! Oh, how I miss all my friends. You must all move back immediately!! Got to see Malisa who I haven't seen in years. She made an awesome cake for the party. It made me want to go to my high school reunion so bad!! Thank goodness for Facebook. How did people stay in touch before social networking sites?!?! Here are a few pics from the night. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Serioulsy, not again?!?

Ok I have completely lost my mind!! I, once again, have LOST MY DEBIT CARD!!! What has happened to me? Is it because I turned 25? Did this happen to anybody else? I am loosing it! Literally! I can only imagine what will happen when I turn 30. If I have kids by then I will reluctantly have to put them on one of those horrible leash things!! Seriously? How does this happen?

The last place I remember seeing it was Saturday morning when Amanda, Aunt Cookie, Evan and I went to Chevron to get a drink. I got Jalapeno Cheetos and a Dasani. And yes I used my debit card for that. I only had $20 and I needed that for all the yards sales that awaited us that day. I called Jerry at Moody Chevron and asked him if he had seen it. He says "Hang on let me see if it's in my stack." Ok, that's funny. "Nope" he said "I don't see it here in my stack but if I find it I'll give you a call." Wonderful.

I did check my account and nothing has been charged on it since Sat. so I guess that is a good thing. But what that really means is that, yes, I am that irresponsible. I just can't believe it. I have obviously just lost it again. Just for the record, I have not been to Wal-Mart.

I bet they have a note on my account at Regions, "Hibitual Debit Card Looser". I honestly wound't be surprised if they charged me for this one. Which, maybe they should. Then maybe I can keep up with it. This also means that I will have to get cash out for the festivities this weekend and won't be able to put it on a tab. Crap!!! Dang you life! Dang you!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lesson Learned

Ok, so here is my lesson for the week, month, rest of the year and the rest of my life. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, put anything in Wal-Mart bags unless you purchased it at Wal-Mart! Over the last 2 weeks I have done a great job at loosing things that I put into Wal-Mart bags. I lost my entire checking account when I ran in Wal-Mart to grab something real quick. I just grabbed my debit card and keys while I was on the phone. Well apparently, after I bought my so needed items I just dropped my debit card into the bag. The next morning, on my birthday none the less, I went to my favorite breakfast place to get my favorite breakfast item (for my birthday) and my debit card was nowhere to be found. So, not knowing what happened to it I called it in lost. When I got home that afternoon I found it in the Wal-Mart bag. So, the whole weekend and first part of last week I had no access to my checking account. I finally got my new debit card on Wed. Thank goodness! Ok lesson learned, right, not so fast.

The same week/weekend that I "lost" my debit card, I had gone once again to Wal-Mart. This time after I purchased my items I got cash back. Well, here we go again, I just threw it down in the bag b/c I was in a hurry and left. That night I just left everything in the bags for the next night. Well the next night came and I was getting everything ready. Zac asked me what he could do to help and I asked him to get the chips and stuff out of the Wal-Mart bags but I said there is $40 in the bag with the chips so don't throw it away. The night came and went and so did the weekend. On Monday this past week I remembered that $40 and wondered what had come of it. I asked Zac what he had done with it. He said he didn't touch the bag b/c he didn't want to loose the cash in it. Now, I admit totally that I have a hard time remembering things. My short term memory is horrible. So, I couldn't remember if I had gotten the money out when I took the chips out. Apparently I didn't. Zac (bless his heart) went out to the garbage can and dug threw it until he found my Wal-Mart bag with my $40 in it. Please keep in mind that in this garbage can was all weekend trash and we had friends over on Friday night. So it was a good bit of trash. Thanks to Zac for digging through trash to help me! Lesson learned this time!! Promise!! No more putting things in Wal-Mart bags unless they were actually bought at Wal-Mart!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The weekend of technology

Yes, it was in fact the weekend of technology. Zac surprised me on Thursday night with a iPod Touch that he bought me for my birthday. By the way, it has to be the coolest thing I have ever had. I am sure the iPhone is much cooler but I, however, can not have one of those b/c you can only get it through AT&T and I think that sucks!! Anyway, that is another blog entry for another day. So I finally got my new iPod! Yea!! I had been trying to save extra money and all the birthday money I've gotten for it and now I don't have to!! I decided that I would use part of the saved funds for a bluetooth for my cell phone. I have never had one of those either. So we went to Best Buy yesterday and I got a bluetooth, a sleeve for my iPod Touch, and an arm band for the iPod so I don't have to stuff this one in my sports bra when we run. Ha!

While we were at Best Buy, of course, we have to look at the new LED TV's, home theater systems and appliances. By the way, the new LED TV's are freakin AWESOME! Maybe in the next few years we can actually afford one! And wow home theater systems have really come down in cost! You can get a good one now for like $200. You can also get them with BlueRay players that stream Netfix and Pandora! Right on your TV and you don't have to use the computer at all!! Freakin Sweet! Apparently, according to Zac that isn't new but I didn't know so it was new to me. Oh, what to get next?!?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

When life hands you..... Jalapenos?!?

Ok, so there are a few things I need to blog about but just haven't had the time because of Carter being born and this past week being so crazy. So, here is my (hopefully) last canning experience.

Apparently, my whole family thinks we are going to be in another great depression and its going to cost $1000 for a loaf of bread because they all planted these huge gardens and done other things I'll get to later. My Uncle Wayne's garden is bigger than my dad's. Yes, its true. Any who, he had a bunch of Jalapenos he needed to give away. Well, what better person but me! Yea! I happen to actually like pickled Jalapenos. I mean they are great with tacos, nachos, salsa, Buffalo Chicken Dip and the list goes on and on. So of course my dear ole dad says hey you want to can these? Well of course I do! I LOVE to cut up vegetables that you have to wear gloves to touch! Yea!

So we take 2 Wal-Mart bags full home with us. And yes, that is how you measure the amount of things that come from your garden. Just in case you didn't know. We decided that we would can one bag as just regular jalapenos and the other we would do candied ones. If you've never had candied jalapenos your missing out! So we started with the regular ones first. Zac decided he would cut and I would wash so we could get more of the seeds out. We were trying to make them more mild. Is that possible really? We get started by gloving up. You must wear rubber gloves when you get hot peppers. My dad tried it once without gloves, not fun. So Zac starts cutting. Wow I had no idea they were so strong. I mean I knew they were strong hence the gloves but dang the babies are smokin! As he is cutting he is putting them in a bowl for me to wash. Not a great day to start getting a cold and have a sore throat by the way! As I am washing, I start to cough. After the cough comes sneezing. After the sneezing comes the watering eyes. Let me tell you that it was hurting me so bad that I had to take a towel and wrap it around my face. I looked like a member of the Taliban. Not joking. I had to take several breaks. I mean, really, should you have to take a break when you are just washing vegetables? Umm no, you shouldn't. Honey, these potatoes are just wearing me out. I think I need a break. NOT THE SAME THING!! Anyway, then Zac starts sneezing. I thought "Really? is it worth all the pain!?!" "Who decided this was a good idea? Damn those Mexicans and their wonderful food!" By the time the whole process was over we were both crying coughing and sneezing. It was terrible! No worries though, we did not contaminate the peppers. All in all we had 7 pint jars of pickled jalapeno peppers and no, Peter Piper never showed up to help!

Aunt Weesha x2

The newest member of our family arrived at 9:45 on July 27th. Four days before my 25th birthday, I might add. He is the most precious thing I have ever seen. They whole process started at 9 pm on the 26th. By 11:30 Chelsea and her entourage were at the hospital and in Labor and Delivery. I got there around 2 and we were just waiting on Chelsea's doctor to get there. She had been on vacation for like 2 weeks and Monday was her first day back. Thank goodness! I know Chelsea was relieved. They finally broke her water around 8 am and Landon Carter was born at 9:45. He was 5.3 and 19 inches long. He is such a beautiful little boy! I hope I get to see him grow up. And one day when he is old enough he will know the story of how he came to be. Honestly, nothing else matters now though. He is just wonderful.

My cousin Amanda, who is really like my sister, has a little boy named Taylor Evan. He is 3 and the best toddler I have met. He is so funny! He calls me Aunt Weesha and I gladly answer. Believe it or not he started calling me that on his own. So now I have 2 little boys in my life. I love them both so much! In February I will become Aunt Weesha x3. Yes, you guessed it, Amanda is preggo again and her due date is the end of February. Its not a leap year is it?!? Maybe when the new baby comes she will let me keep Evan more! Ha! I know she is going to need some help.

I never realized how precious kids are until I've had these guys in my life. Maybe one day I will have my own. Maybe....