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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Serioulsy, not again?!?

Ok I have completely lost my mind!! I, once again, have LOST MY DEBIT CARD!!! What has happened to me? Is it because I turned 25? Did this happen to anybody else? I am loosing it! Literally! I can only imagine what will happen when I turn 30. If I have kids by then I will reluctantly have to put them on one of those horrible leash things!! Seriously? How does this happen?

The last place I remember seeing it was Saturday morning when Amanda, Aunt Cookie, Evan and I went to Chevron to get a drink. I got Jalapeno Cheetos and a Dasani. And yes I used my debit card for that. I only had $20 and I needed that for all the yards sales that awaited us that day. I called Jerry at Moody Chevron and asked him if he had seen it. He says "Hang on let me see if it's in my stack." Ok, that's funny. "Nope" he said "I don't see it here in my stack but if I find it I'll give you a call." Wonderful.

I did check my account and nothing has been charged on it since Sat. so I guess that is a good thing. But what that really means is that, yes, I am that irresponsible. I just can't believe it. I have obviously just lost it again. Just for the record, I have not been to Wal-Mart.

I bet they have a note on my account at Regions, "Hibitual Debit Card Looser". I honestly wound't be surprised if they charged me for this one. Which, maybe they should. Then maybe I can keep up with it. This also means that I will have to get cash out for the festivities this weekend and won't be able to put it on a tab. Crap!!! Dang you life! Dang you!!

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