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Monday, August 3, 2009

The weekend of technology

Yes, it was in fact the weekend of technology. Zac surprised me on Thursday night with a iPod Touch that he bought me for my birthday. By the way, it has to be the coolest thing I have ever had. I am sure the iPhone is much cooler but I, however, can not have one of those b/c you can only get it through AT&T and I think that sucks!! Anyway, that is another blog entry for another day. So I finally got my new iPod! Yea!! I had been trying to save extra money and all the birthday money I've gotten for it and now I don't have to!! I decided that I would use part of the saved funds for a bluetooth for my cell phone. I have never had one of those either. So we went to Best Buy yesterday and I got a bluetooth, a sleeve for my iPod Touch, and an arm band for the iPod so I don't have to stuff this one in my sports bra when we run. Ha!

While we were at Best Buy, of course, we have to look at the new LED TV's, home theater systems and appliances. By the way, the new LED TV's are freakin AWESOME! Maybe in the next few years we can actually afford one! And wow home theater systems have really come down in cost! You can get a good one now for like $200. You can also get them with BlueRay players that stream Netfix and Pandora! Right on your TV and you don't have to use the computer at all!! Freakin Sweet! Apparently, according to Zac that isn't new but I didn't know so it was new to me. Oh, what to get next?!?

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