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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus.....Enough already!!!

*Please beware if you like Jon and Kate + 8 you don't want to read this*

Ok, if I have to hear ANY MORE about Jon and freakin Kate Gosselin and all their freakin kids I am going to scream!! I used to like them. I really did. And I watched the show but now they are out of control. So, NOW Jon says he wants to stop taping the show. Not to save his marriage or keep his kids from hearing all the things the media is saying about their parents but because its just too much. Oh boo! Poor little thing can't handle it. I'll admit that people have been all over them but why couldn't they just say, you know we are done with the show and we need to work on our family and just go away. But NOOOO they didn't do did they, so they get what they deserve if you ask me. They have gotten used to the cushy lifestyle and that seems to be more important to them than keeping their family together. I have been done with them for a while but when I read that story earlier I thought..."Really?!?! Now you want to quit because its hard on YOU?!?! Really?" What about your "wife" and EIGHT children? Huh? You think of them Jon and Kate? Obviously not. So now I am officially DONE! Shut your trap and go on! Nobody wants to hear you whine any more. Thank you.

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