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Friday, April 15, 2011

Baby Fisher's Story

If you guys get a chance sometime this is a wonderful story to read.  It has 3 parts so give yourself a little time to read it all.  It is about my friend Sarah and her baby, Fisher's grand entrance into the world.  Its happy and sad.  It will really make you thank God everyday for your health and your family's.  If you are like me you will smile and cry at the same time!  

Sarah and I used to work together.  She lives in Tallahassee so we didn't get to talk much about personal things but when we did we would talk about her pregnancy and mine.  I was farther along than she was at the time.  Reagan was due in June and Fisher was due in November.  Its really funny because when I found out she was preggers she said "I'm telling this baby to be born in October!"  We all laughed because we knew he would come when we was good and ready.  Little did we all know he really would.  Once I got back to work, I had given her some advice about some things that I experienced with Reagan after she was born but nothing, I (or any body else for that fact) could have told her would prepare her for what she was about to go through. 

Here are the links to all the parts:

Life Begins. Part One.
Life Begins. Part Two.
Life Begins. Part Three.

Side note: During the time all this was going on I was still working at Crossville and had no idea the severity of the situation.  All I knew is that Sarah had the baby early.  So, you can imagine my shock when I read this the other day.  

It's really hard to read stories like this about anybody and their child much less someone you know.  As I was reading, all I could think of was how lucky we were.  How lucky are we that we didn't have to endure this same situation?  What a wonderful God we have!  

Through my whole pregnancy I was terrified that something horrible would happen.  I just knew that with the luck I have, I would either go into labor early or I would get some sort of weird  disease that would scar Reagan for life. Everything worked out perfectly for us and now here is Sarah who had everything planned out, loved her pregnancy (looser! hehe!), and it all seemed to just fall apart.  Bless her heart!  Such an amazing person and even more amazing now that she and Fisher have overcome the odds!  May glory be to God for staying by their side and helping them through the worst (and best) time of their lives.   

Thank you so much Sarah for sharing your story!!  You write it so beautifully!!