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Friday, March 19, 2010

This is a Must Share Post!!

Before you read this, don't judge! I am very good with my money and don't get myself in any trouble about it. Just so you know.

Anyway, you all know that I am not much into coupon clipping or anything. I try but I fall flat sometimes. I leave that to Tabitha and Lisa. They both do a much better job than me. I am just your normal "Hey this is on sale" girl if I need it. Well today, I got one of the best discounts I think I have ever gotten in my entire life!

As you know as well I have had A LOT of doctor visits already this year. My insurance is pretty good once my deductible is paid but I am still getting bills for the surgeries. One bill in particular was several hundred dollars. I have waited to pay it just for the sheer fact that I just didn't want to write that amount of money on a check. Its really hard! I thought maybe they would re-file it and my insurance would pay some more. That has happened to me several times. I figured once they send the 2nd notice I will pay it. (I know that is terrible but they never charge a late fee on something like that and it won't count against any credit stuff) Well, they called today and left a message on our voice mail at home. So, I thought no turning back now. It must be paid now that they've called. Zac gave me the number and I called. When the girl answered I gave her all my information and she said I had an outstanding balance. I told her yes I knew that and I had lost the first bill they sent (hehe) but if she could just send me another one I'll be more than happy to pay it. She said "Ok how were you going to pay?" I told her I would just write a check and mail it in. Then she proceeds to tell me "Well, Mrs. Spanick if you are able to pay your bill over the phone with me today (in full) I am authorized to give you 20% your entire balance"


Excuse me what? I'm thinking "So you mean to tell me if I pay it now you will take of 20%?!?" Really?? Ok your serious? What is this like buying a car in cash?!? 20% off of several hundred dollars is a good "chunk-o-change".

That's right people 20% off a medical bill!!! Of course I told her yes and paid it. And I got my 20% off! I'm not sure if any of you have come across that but I was shocked. I would never in a million years think a hospital would do that. I know they will let you make payments on a bill but I've never heard of a discount. I can only guess that the hospitals are just as desperate as everybody else these days to get paid. So moral of the story, hold on to those medical bills for a while. You never know what kind of deal you can get.

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Tabitha said...

Mom had several medical bills I know she got similar discounts on for paying in full. And some she negotiated down. I remember her on the phone one time about a bill, probably $400 or so, and she told the person "I'm prepared to pay you $200 right now over the phone if you will accept that as full payment otherwise I'm going to send you a check for $10 a month until it's paid." They took her $200 payment. She was a negotiator. :)