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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Business in a Troubled Economy......?

*Be prepared because this post falls under my "Rants" section.  It bothers me so much for some reason that when I got up to feed Reagan this morning it's all I could think about so I had to post on it.*

With in the past few weeks I have had some issues with some people who "run" home businesses.  I mean come on people, I could run your business a million times better than you ever thought possible.  It really is ridiculous that with the economy the way it is people who own a business don't do the things they tell you they are going to do.

I have been VERY blessed that the economy has not effected me or my family.  (Shout out to Crossville Inc. for that!)  Therefore, I do have money to spend on things some times.  So, when I contact you to ORDER something YOU MAKE at your HOME as INCOME it would be nice to #1 actually get my order, #2 hear back from you about how much my order is so I can PAY you, #3 for you to do what you say the first time and not give me 3 or 4 different shipping dates,  #4 not have you cash my check a week before you "ship" my order I STILL haven't received, #5 not have you say "Oh yeah I remember something about that. Let me look again" when I ask you a SECOND time about the order you said you would place for me almost 2 weeks ago, #6 have you actually respond to my SECOND request, and #7 have you tell me you are having issues or something or give me some sort of explanation on why it is you are such a CRAPPY business person.  I understand that people have things come up.  Trust me, with all the surgeries that I have had this year, if ANYBODY understands it's me.  I would just like you to tell me that.  I'm fine with it!  Just don't give me a bunch of crap. 

I think what bothers me the most is that these people make really good products.  I love their stuff and I would buy lots of it if they knew how to run a business.  I just don't understand how they think they can run a business the way they do.  They have such potential to make a lot of money and I feel like they are shooting themselves in the foot.  It's just irritating. 

Needless to say, I won't be ordering anything else unless they wake up and realize what they are doing.  And I know other people who have had the same experiences I had and they won't be ordering anything else either.  Which is sad.  But oh well it's no skin off my back I guess but it sucks for me too just because I like the stuff. 

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