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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3 months!

Well here we are at 3 months with little miss Reagan.  She is doing great!  I can't believe it has gone by so fast.  Next thing you know she will be graduation from high school!  According to our estimates she weighs around 13 lbs now.  Not sure about her length but we see Dr. Blair again next month so we will find out then.  So excited about next month because we get to start cereal and baby food!  She does good at night but I sure would love for her to sleep from 8 or 9 to at least 6 or 7.  Not sure if cereal will help or not but we shall see.  Her sleeping schedule isn't too bad though.  She will normally have her last bottle between 9-10 then sleep until 4 or 5.  I don't feel like that is too bad because I have to get up at 5 anyway for work.  I'm glad to be back at work but I do miss her.  Its hard to go from seeing her all day every day to only seeing her at night.  Maybe I shouldn't wish for her to go to sleep earlier!  Its hard at night too though because Zac is still working nights.  I can't wait until he is back on days!  Hopefully it will be soon.  I got to see him more when I was home and now I wont see him as much either :(.  I will though soon.  Just a few more months maybe. 

Reagan really is starting to get a little personality too.  She smiles a lot and notices me more and more now.  I just love that!  She is a GREAT morning baby!  I really hope that continues.  It will help me so much if it does.  Her hair is still red for now.  I hope that stays too.  She has started to loose some of it though.  :(  Hopefully the new hair that grows will be red too!!  I know she will probably hate it if it's red but I will love it.

Here is some of that red hair for ya!!
I'll keep updating on her as we go.  I just can't wait to see her personality really come alive and see her grow.  I <3 her so much!!

As far as surgeries for me,  I go back to see Dr. Mason on Friday for my 1 week post-op.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good news.  I really don't want to have any more surgery.  Nor, can I afford to be off work anymore! 

Have a great rest of the week friends!!


Tabitha said...

I started Gavin on about 2 teaspoons of rice cereal in his bottle at night around 3 months before we "officially" started baby food. It helps with the sleeping later! The food stays in their little tummy longer!!

I went back to work when he was 11 weeks old, so I was thankful to hear the cereal trick from several people. I got more sleep because of it!

Alicia said...

Yeah I am thinking I may start a little early to see how she does. Hopefully it will be ok for her.