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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pet Safe Invisible Fence

Just thought I would do a little product review for those of you who have furry children like we do. Tuesday we bought a Pet Safe invisible fence for our dogs. The new house we are in doesn't have a fence and we went back and forth on what we wanted to do. Do we want a privacy fence, just a chain link fence or try out the invisible one? We should have made our minds up 3 weeks ago but we didn't. We kept reading reviews on the invisible fence and were afraid it wouldn't work. Some people said it doesn't work good on hills, some people said it won't work on big dogs or older dogs, and then others said the batteries don't last. Well this week we really needed to do something because Zac had to work a few days instead of nights and they were going to have to stay confined in the kitchen all day. Which isn't good because Raven will eat anything! (Just for the record: Raven casualties at the new house include: a carpenter pencil, a paint edger, a pizza box, a plunger handle and a few random items in the yard we couldn't identify.) So anyway, Zac bought the thing Tuesday afternoon at Tractor Supply. It only comes with one collar and they didn't have any extras at the store. We had to go to Pet Smart in Trussville to get 2 more collars. When he got it all set up he put the collar on Raven first. Of course, she had no idea what she was in for. She takes off and gets too close to the little white flag. Once she got past it she got a little shock and it totally surprised her. She looked at Zac like "how'd you do that?" Needless to say she didn't like it at all. She hasn't tried it again. He then proceeds to put it on Sandie. She is more calm than Raven so Zac had to call her over to him. She got a few feet from the flag and just laid down in the yard. She wouldn't budge. All I can guess is that she just sensed it. It works by radio waves so maybe they can just tell. So here we are almost a few days later and they have done great. They don't even go close to the flags. I will give this a 4 star rating as of right now. We'll see how long the batteries last and things like that but its great. We love it and it doesn't seem to bother them one bit!

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