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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Diaper Buds Review

I finally got a chance to try out the Diaper Buds I ordered.  (Read the first post here.)  We took a trip to Homestead Hollow last Saturday and I thought that would be the perfect place to try them out.  If you've never been to Homestead Hollow (shame on you!) it's an outdoor arts and crafts festival "in the country".  (I think we really just go for the food!  Ha!)  Anyway, your outside all day and you have to carry everything around with you. Not to mention the fact that you have to use the Port-O-John and its so crowded that unless your lucky you have to sit in the grass to eat.  Which is fine with me.  It all comes with the atmosphere.  So, anyway, perfect place to try out the vacuum packed diapers.  They fit in the diaper bag fine but I did feel like they could be a little thinner.  When we sat down to eat I changed Reagan and put her in one of the "Buds".  She stayed in it until we got home that afternoon.  We had no leaks or anything!  She actually really tested it out if "you know what I mean" and they worked great.  
Now, I can say that they aren't going to replace your every day diapers but if you just need one to keep as an emergency in the car or something its great. It won't get wet and it will stay clean.  Like I said in the other post I think I'll probably get some when we take Reagan camping because if they get wet they won't get ruined and they won't get dirty either.  They would be good for any type of out door activity you might be doing.  They are still doing the "2 Buds for a Buck" deal until October 9th.  Today, they sent me an email asking me to do a survey and said they would send me a %15 off coupon on my next order.  Sweet!  I did it and it just asked how I like them and things like that.  It took all of 5 mins.  Now, I can order some and save some $$$.  Which I L. O. V. E. by the way. 

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