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Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby Savings

I am just now getting to the point where I have to think about ways to save when it comes to things like diapers, wipes, formula and now baby food.  (Yes, I am very blessed to just now have to think about buying diapers!!  Thanks you!!)  So, I'm searching around looking at prices trying to determine who has the best deals before I have to actually buy some just so I'll know ahead of time.  I know a lot of people buy diapers from  I wouldn't!  I don't think I'll buy anything from there actually because its not cheaper from what I can tell.  We have a membership to Sam's and they by far have the best deal.  This is how I've got it figured....

Pampers size 1-2 252 count = $44.99 = .18 per diaper
Walmart Pampers size 1-2 192 = $34.00 = .18 per diaper
Sam's Club Pampers size 1-2 252 count = $37.98 = .15 per diaper

Now, if you have coupons you might can get a better deal sometimes but Sam's accepts manufacturer coupons too and that is their everyday price.  So, if you have a coupon its even cheaper! 

Formula Similac Sensitive 6 pack 12 oz cans = $98.94 = $16.49 per can
Walmart Online Similac Sensitive 6 pack 12 oz cans = $89.28 = $14.88 per can
Sam's Similac Sensitve 6 pack 12 oz can = $59.95(+ last time we had a $5 off coupon) = $9.16 per can
(I've got enough coupons to last until March 2011)
That's $5.72 difference from Walmart and $7.33 from!!

Our membership cost us $35 a year.  That's $2.92 per month.  Even if we just buy formula once a month we are still saving more than we spend on the membership.  Not to mention the fact that we buy all our pet food at Sam's too and I haven't even started to figure that one up yet.  And you all know we HAVE to buy that in bulk!  Ha!  

So, roughly, we will save about $160 a year just on diapers and formula.  And those aren't exact numbers.  If you've ever thought about getting a membership to a "buy-in-bulk" store I'd highly recommend it.  They will let you go in and just look around to price things out.  Just don't go by me either.  Do your own math about how you live and the things you buy.  Sometimes it may not work out.  It just depends on the type of things you buy and how often you need them. 


Tabitha said...

When did Sam's start accepting coupons?

Alicia said...

I'm not sure but they let us last week. And it maybe just on the Similac because of the recall. But I've looked and looked for a coupon policy and can't find one. We just tried it on Sunday and they accepted it. It was a check that Similac sends too and it didn't even have our name on it. It was one of my mom's friends checks.