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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Watch Out for My Toofies!! (5 Months)

Not my toofies but Reagan's.  I can't believe that before she was officially 5 months old she had 2 teeth!  Its amazing!  I went to work on a Friday morning and when I got home that afternoon she had teeth.  I was shocked!  As you can imagine it is hard to get a picture of said toofies but I'm sure you can picture them in your head.  And if you try to feel them she will bite you.  Just so you know.  Did anybody else have kids that got teeth this early?!?

I haven't updated on miss Reagan lately so I figured I needed to.  When we went to see Dr. Blair for her 4 month check up she was 13.9 lbs (50%), 24" (55%) long and her head circumference was 16 1/4"(60%).  She must be really smart.  Ha! 

She is doing a great job at rolling over.  We got video of it but of course I don't have my camera with me right now to post it. She will roll over then get mad because she is on her tummy.  It really is kind of funny.  She's getting better about it though. 

She LOVES her furry sisters!  Every time we let them inside she just squeals.  It is the cutest thing.  She loves to pet them and they don't mind at all.  She'll touch their nose and pull on their jowls.  It's funny.  CoCo can only handle the squealing for so long though then she's done.  I can't wait until she is older and can really play with them. 

She started eating veggies now.  So far she likes sweet potatoes and carrots but that is it.  When it comes to fruit she loves bananas, pears and prunes.  Yes, prunes.  She does great with her cereal.  She loves it now.  At first I thought I was never going to get her to eat it.

She is still a great sleeper.  We have had a few during the night wake-ups but I think that was just because she was teething.  She normally wakes up between 5:30-6 to eat.  I can hear her in there just "talking" to herself.  She doesn't cry or anything.  Just jabbers away.  I am so glad she is a good morning baby! 

We recently got a new channel on Direct TV called Baby First TV.  It's all educational shows for babies.  We really like it and so does Reagan.  They show Baby Einstein and some other generic shows.  She has a few that she will really laugh at.  I'll prop her up on our bed in the mornings to watch it while I get ready for work.  She'll just sit there and watch it until its time to go.  It's really great! 

I can't wait for the holidays to get here!  Mainly because I get to be off work and spent more time with my family.  I really love my family and love spending time with them.  Sometimes I think I must be the only one in the world who actually likes their family.  Ha!  But I honestly do.  So, yea for the holidays and starting new traditions with my own little family this year!! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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