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Friday, November 19, 2010

Thrifty Decor Chick

Check out this new blog I found!  This girl has some great ideas.  If you read her bio she said she decided to follow her dream of being an Interior Designer.  Well, with me having a degree in Interior Design I was intrigued to see what all she comes up with.   I think it's mostly like cute DIY crafty ideas for your home.  Which means I wouldn't necessarily call her an Interior Designer but that is a whole other post.  :)~  She does have some great ideas for your home that you can make yourself though.  I really like this one so I thought I would share. 

Memo Board and Cute Magnets

What I like so much about it is the magnets she made.  It is really a great idea and your kids can even help with it. 

Aren't these cute!  And you can use whatever paper you have to make them.  They don't have to be Christmas themed.

I really need to do this because our fridge is getting over run with coupons and junk.

Check out her post and you can learn how to make them yourself.  So cute!!

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