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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reckless Raven

As most of you are aware, Zac brought home a black lab one night last year he found on one of his jobs.  She had a hard knock life up until then.  She was dropped off in the ghetto and forced to fend for herself.  Zac and all the guys he works with would feed her every night but then when his job was about to be over he couldn't stand to leave her out there.  So, we now have Raven.  She is a great dog but has a bad habit of just eating whatever she can find when she's hungry.  Maybe its the whole living on the streets thing.  We have a running list of what all Raven has eaten since we've had her.  Ready for this.....

  • A pizza box (I can't blame her.  It had cheese still stuck to it!)
  • A carpenter pencil
  • A plastic bowl
  • A plastic paint can lid
  • Numerous cat meals
  • Electrical tape (the whole roll)
  • Hardwood flooring
  • A plastic Lowes bag
  • One of Zac's running shoes
  • A paint stir stick
  • A paint roller
  • A blueberry bush
  • Numerous cat toys
As you can tell it's a long list and it just keeps growing.  And these are just the things we've caught her with.  And when I say ate, I really mean that.  Like nothing was left.  So it wasn't like she was just chewing like labs often do.  We have learned that if we don't feed her at a certain time she will just eat whatever is there.  Needless to say we are very careful about what we leave out.  No worries, I keep a good eye on Reagan.

The point of the story is that on Monday I noticed Raven having a hard time sitting.  When I would ask her to sit she either wouldn't or would kind of hobble.  Of course I was worried but Zac said it was nothing don't worry she just wants her treat.  Well he gets home on Tuesday and notices that she can't wag her tail.  We thought her tail bone might be broken so he called Dr. Bean's office and took her in.  After a thorough examination and $50 later they told him she had swollen anal glands and was constipated.  Constipated?  You don't say?  I mean she has a very balanced diet. ;)  I just can't imagine what would have made her that way.  (Refer to list above)  They gave her some steroids and said to bring her back if she wasn't better in a week.  I am happy to report that when I got home yesterday she was wagging her tail.  I can guess though that she isn't going to learn her lesson.  As we add to the list I'll update it.  I really gets to be comical at this point.  

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