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Monday, November 16, 2009

Mele Kalikimaka!

I have totally just cheated on Thanksgiving and I am ashamed!! I just couldn't help myself. Oh Bing Crosby White Christmas how I've missed you so!

I am taking a cue from Tabitha. Here is my, probably one and only, Christmas savings post. We were in Best Buy yesterday looking for Christmas gifts and I came across the Christmas music section. I was super stoked! I noticed that they had the Bing Crosby White Christmas CD. It was 6.99. I thought, well, I'll just get it on iTunes its probably the same price. Get on iTunes this morning....$9.99. Some of the songs individually were $1.29! Seriously, iTunes? I mean, I know you have the MP3 market on lock down but jeez! What happened to "all the songs are .99"? So I head on over to just to double check the price again. At Best Buy online all the Christmas music is on SALE!! The Bing CD....$4.99!! And you can just go pick it up at the store! (Side Note: Please beware though some CDs are not better deals. Do some shopping on both sites to find the best deal.) If you have a Best Buy close to you that rocks! If you don't and just need an excuse to get out of the office for an hour, that rocks too! Even if you have to have it shipped its only like $1.89 or something like that. Totally worth it in my opinion. Take that iTunes! In your face!! Now that is the Christmas Spirit!

On my way back from Best Buy this afternoon I just HAD to pop in the Bing CD to just get a preview of Christmas. Of course, as I'm listening to the beginning of Silent Night, my air conditioner is on because it's 75 outside. That album just takes me back to Christmas as a kid. Every year after it came out my Mom would put in the tape and we would listen to it as we were decorating the house. We listened to it on our way to my Granny's for Christmas Day. We listened to it all the time! I loved it though. I didn't care how much it was played. Every song seems to bring some sort of Christmas memory. Then I get to the very last song. Mele Kalikimaka. Then I have visions of Clark Griswold standing in his kitchen day dreaming about the pool he is going to get with his bonus check. Ahhh. Its Christmas!

BUT NOT BEFORE THANKSGIVING!!! Its really Christmas AFTER November 26th! I will not listen to an entire Christmas song until then. That is on My Five Things List!


Tabitha said...

I guess I cheated on Thanksgiving too because I'm wearing Christmas socks today :)

Thanks for the shout out!

Alicia said...

Shame Shame!!