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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just So We're Clear

In a previous post, about the new baby in our lives, I mentioned that the process was sometimes grueling. Now, I am sure that the female readers took it the way it was written. It was a long and grueling process emotionally. Apparently, I was not as clear as I thought I was to my male readers. As Zac so kindly pointed out, it sounded like I meant the act was grueling. Sorry if that is TMI. No honey, that isn't what I meant. I tried to explain to him that most women would see it as emotional. Maybe some didn't. That is why I want to clarify the statement. Just so we are ALL clear, it was a long emotional process. There, happy now.


Tabitha said...

I didn't misunderstand you for even a moment. But it may be because I know exactly how "grueling" the process is when you have difficulty conceiving...

Alicia said...

Ok good. I can imagine too many people took it like that except for Zac!