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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mid 20's Crisis

In keeping with the theme of this week, here is another first for ya. Let me preface this with another story. When I was 19, I decided that I was old enough to get the cartilage in my ear pierced. If any of you know my dad, you know that this is a good way to get your butt in some serious trouble. But, I figured, why not? I am plenty old enough to make my own decisions and I am an adult now. Wrong! As soon as my dad saw it, which was a week later, he told me to take it out or find somewhere else to live. So, obviously, I took it out. Not to mention the fact that he checked that night when I came home to make sure that it was in fact gone. I was not happy.

As I approach 25 next week, I decided that I was, in deed, was old enough now to get a 2nd hole in my ear, which I couldn't have either, and get my cartilage pierced too. Considering the fact that I am married and my19 year old sister is about to have a baby. I think I deserve the right. So last Friday I went and had it done. Happy Birthday to me! I really do like it though. For some people this may not be a big deal but for me its huge. Look at me being a rebel at 25! Woo hoo! Maybe next time I won't clean my room!

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Laura and Lee said...

You are such a rebel! Please post a pic. :)