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Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm sorry that isn't on sale.

This is a funny story I just had to share.  Last Saturday I had some errands to do.  You know, last minute things that I have put off because I had more pressing things to do first.  So, me, my mom, Chelsea, and Carter take off to Hancock to get fabric to make drapes for Reagan's room.  Then we head over to Hobby Lobby.  I have been looking for a pretty light fixture to put in Reagan's room and I just haven't found any that I liked a whole lot.  I didn't want anything too girly but not something too modern either.  Plus the fact that I was trying not to spend over $150 bucks on one.  So a co-worker of mine told me they had some cute chandeliers with pink shades at Hobby Lobby in Hoover.  

I am really gong to need you to visualize the rest of the story.  If you know me well you know how I tell stories so please picture me telling you in person.  And also think about the Hobby Lobby workers with their blue aprons with the orange piping.  Trust me it will help make it a lot funnier.

We get there and can't find them.  Right as we are about to leave I walked through the lamp section one more time and there they were.  They were in a box on the very bottom shelf.  So I snatch it up and we head to the cash register.  As I put the box, containing the chandelier that I have looked so long for, the nice check out lady says "Oh, our lamps aren't on sale this week"............. Umm Excuse me?  So does that mean I can't buy it at full price?  I really tried to not give her a stupid face but I don't think I succeeded.  I'm not very good at a "poker face".  Its really hard for me to not show what I'm thinking sometimes.  (And yes, I hope you sing Lady Gaga ALL day now!)  Finally, after what felt like a 10 min stupid face starring competition, I got out "Ok" in a still confused voice.  And she says "Oh ok"  Like she expected me to put it back or something.  Maybe she is an avid coupon cutter and never pays full price for anything.  No offense to those people but what else was I supposed to do.  They only had 2 left and I didn't have time to wait on the next sale.  Which knowing Hobby Lobby was probably this week.  I felt like saying "I want to pay the full $119.00 please.  Don't force me not to!"    So as we get past the door walking out, we all bust into hysterical laughter.  I said "I really tried to not give her a stupid face when she said that"  Chelsea says "Well you did and it was hilarious!"  My mom said "Did she expect you not to buy it?"  Ha!  We have laughed about it since then and I have told the story to everybody.  I hope you think it is as funny as we did.  Happy Friday! 

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