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Friday, February 26, 2010

Am I the worst blogger or what?! Geez! Ok so here is a short recap of the last few weeks.

  • I had eye surgery on Jan. 20th. (Note: if you are even a bit squeamish about eye stuff you will want to skip this part) The surgery went fine. It was after that when it all fell apart. Apparently I had hemorrhaging inside my eye which caused a fluid to build up. Which in turn made my pressure go up. After one emergency visit to the office at 2:30 am and 5 times of sucking stuff out with a needle in the office they got it under control. Yes, 5 TIMES they had to suck stuff out. But believe me, it was a lot better than having to feel the way I did. This also caused me to be off work for 4 weeks. Then, I had a hole appear from somewhere and caused a bubble to form in the front of my eye. It makes my vision terrible. Not that its great anyway but still. Imagine looking through plastic rap covered in Vaseline and your eye lashes being wet on top of that. The light reflection is what I can't handle. That's the wet eyelash thing. They have tried to take out the bubble in the office several times with no success. So needless to say I am going back to the OR on Wed. to get it removed that way. Hopefully, I wont have as much trouble this next time.
  • We finally got our house on the market. There have been a few showings and one offer. The offer was laughable to say the least. All the comments have been very good so that makes us hopeful we can get it sold by the end of April. We have a showing this Sat. so cross your fingers!!
  • Now to the fun stuff! Reagan seems to be doing just fine. She is growing bigger everyday. She moves A LOT! I can only imagine what its going to be like in the next month or so when she starts running out of room in there. I went today and had my glucose test and I passed by 11 points!! My doctor says all of my eye issues shouldn't effect her. I've gotten registered for everything, I hope. My mom and Zac's mom have already bought a bunch of clothes. All in several different sizes so that is great. I finally picked out the furniture for her room. We ordered the crib this week so we should get it soon. Not that we have a room to put it in yet but we are going to leave it at my parents until we move. Ellie, "Jane", Lisa and Reva are throwing me a diaper shower in March. I am SUPER excited!! I can't wait!! I am going to have another big shower in May for all the other stuff. I'm super excited about that too. Stay tuned for the pictures from that courtesy of Lens Envy Photography. Oh, Erin is going to take some pictures of me and Zac in April too. (Courtesy of Lens Envy as well.) That way I'll remember how big I was! Ha!
I think that is all for now. I promise I'll try to update more!!