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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Curse of the Camry

As most of you know I drive a Toyota Camry. This car was extra special to me when I bought it because it is the first car that I bought by myself with no help from my parents. Now, I think it's cursed. Not long after I got the car, not even 2 months, somebody backed into it at work. I didn't notice that the whole freakin side of my bumper was smashed in until I got home that afternoon. I had a bunch of stuff that I was carrying to the car that afternoon after work and just never thought to check and see if some idiot in Mountain Brook hit my car. So I had a melt down in the driveway of parents house until my Daddy got home. He gets under the car and pops the bumper back out. As he did this, he pulled a muscle in his shoulder. He had to go to the doctor several times for it. It really hurt him bad. At this time I was also planning and paying (for some) of a wedding. I didn't have the money to get it fixed. I'm sure it would cost a good bit because I need a whole new bumper. Anyway, as time went on other things came up and the sad bumper never got fixed. Well, a few months ago I noticed that my windshield had a chip out of it. And you all know where this is going. Now I have a huge crack that goes from the middle of the windshield to the right side of the car. It looks great.

There was also this one time that I was moving my car from behind Zac's truck so he could back out and I got a little too close to the retaining wall on the side of our driveway. Yeah, so now there is a big place on the front right side bumper. Then, this morning, I hit somebody's mail box in our neighborhood. They apparently left the door open on it and yup, totally hit it with my right side mirror. The crazy thing is, that the mirror just fell out. It did crack the casing just a little but it literally looks like the mirror just got scared and jumped to its death. So, not knowing what to do I just kept going. I just had to call somebody and Zac was at home asleep from work last night. The only other person was my Daddy. I called and told him what happened. He said "Did you stop and pick it up" Me "No, should I go back?" Daddy "Yeah, go look for it. If it isn't broke we'll just glue it back on!" Me "Really?" Daddy "Yeah it will work. Who knows maybe they are built that way so you can just snap it back on" Ok, so I head back to my neighborhood. At this point its already 7:30. There will be no getting to work for me at 8. I send everybody (who cares) at my office a text and tell them I'll be late and why. I just know they are all sitting there laughing their heads off. As I get back into the neighborhood, I think, I must have really jacked somebody's mailbox up. I need to put a note on there and apologize or something. Well, as I'm passing the spot where I thought I hit the mail box, I see one that looks bad and kinda dented up so I think "Oh that must be it!" As I keep driving I see another one that looks pretty bad too. "Well, was it that one?" They all look like they've been hit before! What am I going to do and where is my mirror?!? The people on the front road of my neighborhood really need to step it up a bit and get a new mailbox by the way. So I drove back and forth for a while until I figured if there was anybody home they might call the cops. I never did find my mirror.

This just freakin sucks! Why is it that this happens to me? Something so small that its pointless to call the insurance company. I am totally convinced that my Camry is cursed! I just need to buy a new car and be done with it. I've been wanting a new car for some time so now seems like just as good a time as any. Think Zac will go for it? No, your right, he won't. Dang!

P.S. Exciting things coming up! You don't want to miss this folks!!


Erin Hollis/Lens Envy Photography said...

This sounds exactly like my silver Honda Accord I got at 16. I swear the most random things would happen to that car. Luckily I was not paying for that one, but I'm sure it broke my dad's heart every time I called and said, "you're not going to believe what just happened". I once lost the side mirror on that car too, but not because of a mailbox. Mine was while driving down 20-59 a bucket flew off a construction truck and hit my mirror thus popping the mirror out. I was actually thankful for this. That mirror saved my life. It was on the driver's side of my car. My window was down, so had the bucket not hit the mirror, it would have hit me in the head! Which brings me to another rant. Can we rant about construction and blue collar folks not securing things to their vehicles!? Do you know how many times I've dodged their bullets on the hwy!? I know they are driving company vehicles that someone like my husband pays for and they don't give a rip about it, but I am paying for the nice car I'm driving so I would appreciate it if they had some respect and slowed down on their way to Golden Rule long enough to ensure that their tools, lunch buckets, and water coolers will not kill me today. Who should I call about this!?

Alicia said...

LOL! Sounds like a blog post to me!!