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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Liberal and Christian

I saw a post on Facebook that really rubbed me the wrong way. I get so tired of hearing that you can still be a Christian and be liberal.

So, can you really be liberal and still be a Christian?!? Maybe, but not totally in my opinion. There is a difference in claiming to be a Christian and being a follower of Jesus Christ. Of course, it isn't my place to judge your eternity if you are liberal and claim to be a Christian but here are my thoughts on it.....just saying

You can be liberal and claim to be a Christian but you are not a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ. If you voted for our current President, you are not a follower of Christ. If you believe in National Health Care, you are not a follower of Christ. If you voted for ANY Demo in office, present day, you are not a follower of Christ. If you did either of those things, you support abortion and gay marriage, which in turn, does not make you a follower of Christ.

Now, if being liberal means that you think we should help those less fortunate, then you can claim to be a Christian. Other than that, you are not. You can say you are all day long but Jesus himself you tell you no.......just saying


Amanda said...

totally agree!!

Alicia said...

I'm glad somebody does! I just get so worked up over stuff like that and I just can't control it! Ha!

~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

I was the offending facebooker. Sorry if it rubbed you the wrong way but I posted it because I was tired of being rubbed the wrong way when people assume that by being literl that you are talking about supporting abortions etc. I am not.

I do support helping the unfortunate, I think God would want me too. I don't think he would want people to die because they can't afford healthcare. I am not saying that the plan they are presenting to us is the right one AT ALL but I am saying some reformation should be done. The system is somewhat broken.

Jesus was an adovocate for helping the unfortunate, and by that I don't mean people who screw the system that is a whole other issue.

As for the gay marriage issue. I don't think God hates gay people. He is a tolerant God...other than that who knows.

It isn't for me to judge. I would never live the lifestyle but God loves us all and I don't think they are going to hell...that is just me.

People say it is unatural, because a child can't come from the union but I would argue that birth control is a sin because it does the same thing. I don't use birth control for this very reason.

I just try to love them,as Jesus said love my neighbor. I am not going to judge them because I have a plank in my on eye.

Any sin is a stumbling block that puts you father away from God.

I think regardless of your sin if you are truly sorry and ask for forgiveness he forgives. That doesn't mean it is a get out of jail card and you can keep doing it.

My point is that while I don't agree with things others are engaging in I try to be tolerate and still love them and try to make the knowledgable about God...maybe they have never been exposed to it.

I am not condoning abortion etc.

I still love ya to pieces and I TOTALLY respect your opinion. It's just how I feel.

I don't think God is going to line us up and say you are a baptist you go to heaven, you were penecostal, to hell you go,etc.

Who knows I may be wrong. I just know that I go to church a couple of times a week, try to take classes to learn and grow more, read my bible and pray daily and try to have the best relationship with God I can have everyday.

Hope this makes some kinda sense ;P

~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

Sorry for all the typos in that :P